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On March 17, 2022, around four in the morning, the school was hit by a missile, as a result of which it was completely destroyed. 700 students, 50 teachers and 20 technical staff were left without conditions for study and work. The educational institution has lost everything that has been gained over the last 30 years by parents, teachers and community members (equipment, computers, furniture, visual aids, etc.). There are stones and ashes left from the school.

The school was founded in 1936, was damaged during World War II, was revived and became one of the largest educational institutions in the city of Merefi. During the years of Independence of Ukraine, the institution acquired the image of an exemplary school of Kharkiv district and the Community and the status of an innovative institution "Publicly Active School". Thanks to the created modern technical base, the participants of the educational process had the opportunity to learn and teach well. The library fund was about 20,000 copies. There were 27 equipped classrooms and classrooms, a STEM laboratory, 2 computer classes and a state-of-the-art language classroom, with a variety of programs for learning foreign languages, information technology, training, workshops and public meetings.

However, all of the above is destroyed… However, the soul of the "Merefa Sixth" is not destroyed! We remain fighters for our bright future, and therefore for the future of the community, region, country !!! And we are looking for reliable helpers!


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