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Dear students!

Dear teachers and parents!

Traditionally, at the end of May, the last bell rings in all schools in Ukraine.

This year's end of the school year is not like the previous ones. After all, for the last three months we have been hearing the echo of a full-scale war, which was brutally started by the Russian occupiers on our Ukrainian land.

Due to the fighting, not all students were able to continue their education, so some children will finish the school year a little later - in June.

Many of you have been forced to leave your homes: some have gone abroad, some have stayed in Ukraine. But I believe that on this day you will gather with your class online, invite teachers and thank each other for true friendship, sincere support, knowledge gained and a dignified school year.

Dear graduates! This is a particularly touching event for you. After all, from today you will diverge on the paths of life. But remember one thing: school friendship is for life! I wish everyone a happy fate and the realization of the most cherished dreams! Be confident in your abilities and in achieving the set goal!

Dear teachers, you are the heroes of the educational front of Ukraine! Despite the incredibly difficult time for our Motherland, you once again show endurance, devotion, honesty to work and students. A low bow to you!

Despite the war, the last bell will ring. But he will not be heard by those children and teachers who were killed by the Russian occupiers. We will always remember you. Bright memory and honor!

Ukraine is strong, Ukraine is invincible! Glory to our land and Ukrainian defenders!

We are strong!

We are Ukraine!


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