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History of the school

      It was founded in 1936 as a railway school № 47 and existed with this name until 1961 . For 10 years it was known as a secondary school № 6, and from 1993 to 2003 the name “comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 6 m. Merefa” appeared. Then there was the Merefa secondary school of I-III degrees № 6 of the Kharkiv district council of the Kharkiv region. Today it is a MUNICIPAL INSTITUTION " MEREFYANSKY SECONDARY SCHOOL OF I-III DEGREES №6 In 2007 he won the YIII Regional Open Exhibition-Competition “Education of Kharkiv Region of the XXI Century” on the topic “Civic Education and Upbringing.” Since 2007 - GASH (Publicly Active School), the only one in Kharkiv district, one of nine in the region In 2008 she became the absolute winner of the district and the winner of the regional stages of the competition "School of the Year -2008", took second place in the field of preparation of secondary schools for the new school year. For two years in a row she took the first place in the General rating of educational institutions of the district according to the results of 2006/2007, 2007/2008 academic years. According to the results of the 2008/2009 academic year, it took the first place among the city secondary schools and the second place in the General rating of educational institutions of the district. In the 2009/2010 academic year, she became the absolute winner among district secondary schools. As a result of the final presentation "Publicly active school as an educational system of an educational institution" at the XXI regional thematic open exhibition "Education of Kharkiv region of the XXI century" received a diploma and presented his experience in Kiev at the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference partnerships ". On May 26, 2011 the methodical council of Kharkiv Academy of Continuing Education summarized the experience of the school "Model of organization of GASH activities on the basis of democratization, partnership and volunteering." On June 1, 2011 in Kyiv the school received the award "Flagships of Education and Science of Ukraine", a diploma and a presentation edition "Flagships of Education and Science of Ukraine".

    In March 2018 , the teaching staff was awarded the Silver Medal for the experience "Implementation of modern teaching aids, projects, programs and technologies to improve and enhance the efficiency of the educational process" at the Ninth International Exhibition "Modern Educational Institutions - 2018" in Kyiv.

      In different periods, the school chose the following profiles of study: universal, mathematical, social sciences, technology, philology. To date, the training is organized with a specialized study of the Ukrainian language and history of Ukraine.
    The priority of the educational process is to ensure the successful functioning of the school as a holistic socio-pedagogical system at the present stage, its transition to a new quality level in terms of blended learning.
     The priority direction of the educational process is the creation of a qualitatively oriented educational environment through the development of network interaction; ensuring the successful functioning of the school as a holistic socio-pedagogical system at the present stage, its transition to a new quality level through the transformation into GASH (socially active school).

          The team worked fruitfully on methodological topics "Creating psychological and pedagogical conditions to improve academic achievement and the formation of activity and general culture of students based on professional mobility of teachers", "Formation of creatively active personality by means of personality orientations system of teaching and education based on professional competence "Development of professional competence of a teacher aimed at the formation of value orientations of the individual" ... Now we are mastering the issue of "Formation of value orientations of the individual as a priority area of professional competence of teachers." Now we are mastering the issue of "Professional competence of teachers as an important component of the development of a new school."

         ICT is actively used. There is a class of informatics and information and communication technologies. Pupils of the school are participants and winners of International, All-Ukrainian, regional, oblast, district, city competitions, Olympiads, tournaments. Teachers - participants of various International, All-Ukrainian, regional, regional creative unions, festivals, conferences, congresses; participants, laureates and winners of district. regional, city, All-Ukrainian professional competitions: "Teacher of the Year", "Class teacher of the year", "Head of the circle of the year", exhibition-fair of pedagogical ideas, regional festival "good practices" of Kharkiv region educators "Masters of pedagogical work present".
.     There are 5 authoring programs. Innovative technologies are widely used. The teaching staff takes an active part in research and experimental work, experimental research on "Socially active school in the program-target project" Publicly active school as an innovative management system of educational institutions "," Technology of educational work in secondary schools I- III degrees on the basis of personality-oriented pedagogy "(" Legal and civic education of students in secondary schools ")," Scientific and methodological principles of introducing media education in the system of educational work of educational institutions of Kharkiv region. " For 2013–2018 . Joined the All-Ukrainian project "Development of social cohesion of the subjects of the educational process" initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 05.08.2016 1951). The school was an experimental platform for the School Against AIDS.

Effective pedagogical experience was generalized at the regional, district and city levels.

    To date, we participate in 10 projects ("Development of STEM education in the Kharkiv region", "Juniors", "Alexander Pedan Sports Movement", "ReActioe", "Methods of teaching judo in secondary education", "Lesson", "Education", "Energy efficient schools: the new generation", "Pump the school", "The message of success" from the Klitschko Foundation, "Educational and Environmental Center" Environmental Education of the Future "" for biology teachers).


        In 1922, at the request of the employees of the railway station "Merefa", a seven-year school was opened № 47 (director - Danilevich Alexander Andreevich: 1923-1928). The construction of a new school building began with Kovalenko Gavrila Andreevich, who from 1928 to 1934 was the director. In 1930, DIProTrans in Leningrad prepared a project for the school, and in 1932 the foundation was laid, but construction was temporarily suspended. In 1934 the main walls were erected, then gradually by 1936 construction was completed.

During the occupation of Merefa, the school building was used by the Nazis, and only after the liberation of the city in 1943 did the school continue its educational process. But the school building was finally restored only in 1950.

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